Vestibulum Semper Enim Non Eros


Energy Audit Lighting (PTY) Ltd  (EAL) is a local manufacturer of industrial and commercial lights specifically designed for South African and African power conditions.

          All our highbay and bulkhead light fittings are designed and manufactured 100% in house at our Meadowdale factory.

         We only use Bridgelux 5050 LED’s and the best quality high voltage aluminium PC boards. Our heat sinks are all made from rolled aluminium sheet that gives the best heat transfer and dissipation possible.

          The lumen efficacy of the PC boards is in all cases above 150 L/W and in some cases are greater than 170 L/W.

 Our unique power control method protects the LED’s from power fluctuations and with our low drive currents and low operating temperatures the lights will have an extended life time. If in the unlikely event that one light was to fail then it can be repaired either on site or back at our factory.  

 Data sheets are available on request.