PC Boards         :

LED’s               :

Heat Sinks        :

Power Control  :

All the PC Boards are constructed from high quality high voltage aluminium based PC boards. This ensures a perfect thermal interface between the PC board and the LED’s.

All the LED’s are exactly the same for the full range of lights. These are Bridgelux 5050 LED’s with a high efficacy. The efficacy ranges between 150L/W at 750mA up to above 170L/W at 350mA. Our drive currents are always below 400mA and this gives an

efficacy well above 150L/W. Colour temperature of the LED’s is 5000K

The heat sinks are made from rolled aluminium sheet and when assembled liberal amounts of silicon heat transfer paste is used . The rolled aluminium sheet is called  thin fin technology and has been shown to be around 30% more efficient than cast aluminium heat sinks.

We do not use conventional electronic LED drivers that can have large thermal losses but we have developed our own LED power control system. This uses no active electronics and generates no heat making it very efficient.

Thin Fin Heatsink