Our round high bay lights come in wattages ranging from 80W to 200W.

The lumen outputs range from 12000 lumens to > 30000 lumens and have a beam angle of 90 Degrees. This beam angle is ideal for both open areas and between racking as it provides illumination all the way up the sides of the racks and not just at floor level.

The fitting is 100% locally manufactured and can be repaired on site or in our factory.

The heat sink is made using thin fin technology giving far superior heat dissipation compared to cast aluminium bodies. This allows the LED’s to run at a temperature below 25 Deg C above ambient.

LED drive is by means of our standard LED power control.

Decorative high bay light retrofit kits are also available for the traditional acrylic decorative high bays as used in motor showrooms. We can also supply the complete fixture if required. Again we are using our standard LED power control drive.